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Australia`s skilled migrants: job outcomes improve but many skills still wasted
Many Australians have met migrants working in occupations far below their skills level: the dentist working as a cleaner; the former university lecturer driving a taxi. But the tide appears to be turning for at least some of Australia's skilled migrants, with new research showing that those arriving with tertiary qualifications in the past five years are twice as likely to work in their field as those who arrived more than 15 years ago.            Nearly ...
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QUEENSLAND is the most family-friendly state, scoring six of the top 20 places to live
The Suncorp Bank Family Friendly Index released today lists six Queensland cities in the top 20 national rankings - more than any other state. But while Brisbane misses the mark, scraping in at 24th on a list of 30, Toowoomba comes up roses at number three. It is also the employment capital of Australia. Thanks to a low crime rate, less crowded schools and lower than average housing cost, Launceston is the best place to raise a family, ...
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Medicare Eligibility - FAQs
1)  Eligibility for Medicare under Reciprocal Health Care Arrangements (RHCA) derives from country of residence, not citizenship of a country (except for Italy and Malta). How does Medicare ascertain a person is actually resident in the country of the passport they are presenting in their Medicare application? RHCA eligibility is determined by the specific eligibility criteria set out in each agreement. Proof of residence can vary for each country.  For example: For Finland, Sweden and ...
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Australia`s immigration system wins fans in Europe
Every two minutes and 36 seconds, an immigrant enters Australia, a country where 28% of the population was born overseas. Immigrants keep Australia's population growing faster than it would through natural increase alone. The country's points-based immigration system is designed to attract people with the skills the economy needs. It is attracting the interest of European countries, such as the U.K. and Austria, which are struggling to deal with waves of immigrants from elsewhere in Europe. In a ...
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Australia’s migration has been witnessing a fall
Australia’s migration has been witnessing a fall since a long time now. The number of migrants including students, business migrants and other job-seekers moving to the country is reducing. According to recent data revealed by  the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that the difference between Arrivals and Departures which is termed as net migration has been at its lowest in the month of May. Since the year 2007, migration has continued to rise and the rate has also ...
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The World Bank is betting on mass migration driving the global economy
The impact of mass migration has hit headlines around the world in recent months, but according to the World Bank, the benefits of large-scale immigration could drive forward the global economy in the coming decades. In a major new report — released to coincide with the start of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund’s annual meetings, this year taking place in Lima, Peru — the bank argues that the current mass migration happening throughout the world can be ...
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Australia is closing 17 immigration detention centres
After key details from tonight’s federal budget by Scott Morrison emerged over the past week, government ministers began revealing details in parliament today. Immigration minister Peter Dutton told parliament this afternoon that the closure of 17 onshore immigration detention centres will be announced in the Budget tonight. “I’m pleased to announce ahead of the budget tonight that we will close 17 detention centres, resulting in 17 detention centres having been opened by Labor and 17 closed ...
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