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Holding an Australian passport doesn`t necessarily mean you are an Australian citizen
I am in the middle of a partner migration case, where it is important that the child of the relationship is deemed an Australian citizen. This is despite the fact that the Australian child has already been issued with an Australian passport, and already holds an Australian Citizenship by Descent certificate. The child's father is an Australian citizen and is also the holder of an Australian passport. The biological mother (visa applicant for partner migration) is Korean. ...
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Monash University academic denied permanent residency because of his son`s disability
Biswajit Banik and his wife Sarmin Sayeed knew it wasn't easy raising a child with autism, but were happy doing it in Australia after moving from Bangladesh in 2007. But the Monash University lecturer and his GP wife were devastated when they learned late last year that their dreams of living permanently in Australia would be shattered because of the disability suffered by their son, 12-year-old Arkojeet. Immigration officials have told Dr Banik his application for ...
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