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Australian Family Visas


Partner Visas

Prospective Marriage visa is appropriate in a case you have met a person who you regard as your second half. You have already spent some time together and now you would like this person to come to Australia to get married to you.

In case you have not met in person yet, we advise you to consider to getting a tourist visa first for your fiancé to come and see you in Australia or find another place to spend some time together; thus you will fulfil one of the most important requirements for a Prospective Marriage visa.

Partner visa could be a right choice if you are married or in defacto relationships (including same- sex relationship). Please, be advised that for the latter option you need to be able to prove that you relationship lasts not less than 12 months.

In any case, we are happy to see you at our initial consultation to discuss your case in detail and assist you with the best solution possible.

Child Visa

  • Dependent child
  • Orphan child
  • Adopted child

Parent Visas

Non-contributory visas include the permanent subclasses 103 and 804 visas. These types of visas are the most affordable option but come with the downside of an extremely long wait.

Contributory visas fall into subclasses 143, 173, 864, and 884. Subclasses 143 and 864 are permanent visas while subclasses 173 and 884 are two-year temporary visas. These visas are much faster to process but significantly more expensive.

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