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Australia a leading destination for migrant millionaires
Australia has topped the list as the number one destination worldwide for migrating millionaires. According to the latest Global Wealth Migration Review from market research consultancy New World Wealth, 12, 000 Special Category Migrants, or those classed as High-Net Wealth Individuals (HNWIs) made their way to Australian shores in 2018 alone. It is the fourth consecutive year that Australia has ranked first on the global list, adding more than 35, 000 wealthy new residents over that time. ...
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$15,000 on offer for families willing to move to the Northern Territory
The Northern Territory wants more people to come and live up north and is offering cash incentives to families, couples and individuals willing to do so. The government says it will invest $9.3 million to attract more people, including migrants, to the Territory with families being  offered more than $15, 000 over five years to move to NT to work in "high priority jobs". This announcement is part of the Northern Territory Population Growth ...
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Last week on a nice sunny day I was driving along the road when a young boy turned his bicycle straight under the wheels of my car. I had seen him from the distance so I drove slowly enough to sharply swerve my car. The car was thrown to the other side of the road but I had already checked that there were no cars coming. So... nothing happened. This is why people need ...
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Requirements for the employer and the employee when applying for an employer-sponsored visa
The intimidating words "sponsoring an employee" in practice mean simply "signing a contract for a permanent employment for 2-4 years." There are 3 employer sponsored visas which lead to the permanent residency in Australia: Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) Subclass 186 (permanent visa) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) Subclass 187  (permanent visa) Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Subclass 482 visa. This visa has two streams:  Short-term stream which does not lead to a permanent migration (visa could be granted up ...
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Visa rejection over Facebook post: Experts advise caution with social media
The applicant who arrived in Australia on a visitor visa in October 2013 claimed in his Protection Visa application that he had converted from Islam to Christianity before he left his country. He also claimed that he had been baptised at a church in Australia after arriving here. The applicant claimed that he had ongoing fear for his life if he were to return to his country as a consequence of his religious conversion. However, the ...
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The new `typical` Australian. Census 2016.
In 1911 when the first Census was taken,   the “typical” Australian was a 24-year-old man. The current data reveals how much Aussies have changed since then. The description of the 'typical Australian' is based on the most common responses to last year’s Census (2016). According to the ABS, the typical Australian is: •    38 years old •    female •    born in Australia •    of English ancestry •    married •    living in a couple family with two ...
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Communication Challenges of Skilled Immigrants
Typical mistakes non-native English speakers make during interviews. Grammar, intonation, behaviour. While Australia is a multi-cultural country where employers do their best to appreciate cultural differences, inevitably we come across some variances that might be confusing to both parties, can be perceived in the wrong way, and can, unfortunately, influence one’s chances for employment and career growth. 1.      Intonation Being a Russian I often come across native English speakers who perceive Russian style of communication sometimes abrupt ...
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Fee arrangements for public schools for children of international students
If you are bringing school aged children with you when you study in Australia you will need to arrange for them to attend school. The requirements for enrolling students and school fees vary across Australian states and territories, and across schools. Following is a summary of the fee arrangements for public schools in each of Australia’s states and territories, along with links to the relevant websites for more detailed information. ACT From 1 January 2016, the children of ...
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Why are international students charged such high fees in Australia?
Approximately a third of Australian universities graduates were overseas students. It is great to see so many overseas students making their way to Australia, successfully battling through the headwinds of language, culture and financing to study at and graduate from Australia's world class universities. My concern is that we don't treat these students as equals. From the very outset they are not equal: despite their fine words, these universities charge overseas students significantly more to study than Australian ...
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How do you become an Australian citizen?
So how does the government test one's patriotism and determine who is eligible for Australian citizenship? The majority of successful citizens must: •    Meet the residency requirements. This means having lived in Australia for four years on a valid visa, including the previous 12 months, as a permanent resident. There are restrictions on the length of time spent out of the country over this time. •    Be of good character. This relates to whether Australia's laws will be ...
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