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The new `typical` Australian. Census 2016.

The new `typical` Australian. Census 2016.

April 11, 2017

In 1911 when the first Census was taken,   the “typical” Australian was a 24-year-old man.
The current data reveals how much Aussies have changed since then. The description of the 'typical Australian' is based on the most common responses to last year’s Census (2016).

According to the ABS, the typical Australian is:

•    38 years old
•    female
•    born in Australia
•    of English ancestry
•    married
•    living in a couple family with two children in a house with three bedrooms
•    does up to 14 hours of housework a week
•    and has two motor vehicles

In the 2016 Census the 'typical person' varies from state to state - the average Tasmanian is the oldest at 42 years, while the average person from the Northern Territory is the youngest at 34.

South Australians and Tasmanians have an older population than the rest of Australia but women still outnumber men. The Northern Territory has the youngest population in Australia (average is 34-year-old).

Men outnumber women only in Northern Territory and Western Australia. The average Aussie male is 37-years-old, with two kids who does less than five hours housework a week.

Unlike most of Australia, a typical Northern Territorian isn’t married but still he is likely to have a partner and two children, two cars and a three-bedroom home.

Although the ‘typical’ Australian has both parents born in Australia, in New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia the ‘typical’ Australian has at least one parent who was born overseas.

The ‘typical’ home in Tasmania and New South Wales is owned outright, while the ‘typical’ Northern Territory home is rented. In 2006, the ‘typical’ Australian home was owned outright.

The 'typical' migrant was from England, but the 'typical' migrants in each state come from a range of countries - the average in Queensland was born in New Zealand, in Victoria it's India-born, and in New South Wales it's China.

A typical migrant to NSW has changed in the past decade. Ten years ago, the average migrant to the state was a 45-year-old English woman. Now, it is 44-year-old woman from China.

Based on articles of Jarni Bakkarly, Jackson Gothe-Snape, Claire Bickers

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